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To manage the common elements owned by Members (the community centre, integrated parks, outdoor pool, etc.) there is an elected Board of nine Directors. There are seven Standing Committees comprised of volunteer residents. It is these representatives who, with input from all homeowners, implement the policies and procedures, and control the expenditures of the Residents' Association. This volunteer group administers the community in a responsible manner, thus the annual membership assessment remains low.

A Board Meeting AGM

Many participate on the Board or Committees and still travel widely or spend time in a second home. Most people realize that volunteering is a good way to get to know their neighbours and to be part of the planning process for future decisions by utilizing their skills and knowledge, which have been acquired over a lifetime. The Standing Committees are Administration, Communications, Finance, Golf, Governance, House and Property and Social (which includes the Bus and Theatre Trip planning group).

Landscaping Pool Golf

Last updated August 11, 2021