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Port Perry

If you have ever looked at a set in a movie and said that you would love to live in a place just like that, you may well have been looking at Port Perry. Founded as a village in the early 1840s by a mill owner named Perry, the location was originally a shipping centre, by both rail and water, for agricultural produce. The mill, still found at the east end of Queen Street, harks back to the town's trading base, although the railway line and yards are now parkland and streets.

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For over one hundred years it has been, and still is, a major agricultural, equestrian and vacation centre in south central Ontario. The many gorgeous old homes are reminiscent of an era gone by.

Movie companies frequently use this quintessential small town to reflect life the way it was - and the one we still wish existed. The town has evolved and is now a picture perfect Victorian town which continues to evolve today with a modern, alive downtown core. Some of the stores have been in the town for several generations and continue to serve the community well.

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